Nothing affects the quality and achievement of critical business success factors in software as the processes used in the development stage. Application systems today have become so complex that it is no longer feasible to deliver a system using a big bang process. Quality control and the measurement of critical success factors must be applied continuously, with smaller efforts that are delivered frequently.

Eoos India applies the principles of continuous integration (CI) and test-driven development (TDD) to ensure that your software initiatives are of the highest quality and will meet your business needs precisely. These processes do more than just ensure a high quality software product; they also keep development costs low by uncovering bugs or incorrect business requirements long before the software is deployed to production.

But it takes more than just a knowledge of development processes and business-driven metrics to deploy a successful software initiative; it also requires a trained and experienced engineering team that can work on a wide variety of platforms, programming languages, databases, and software development technologies. Eoos India’s engineers give you that technical edge.

Mobile App Developmentg


Eoos India Technologies has a strong focus on Mobile Application Development and Designing for Android Phones, Android Tablets, iPhones, iPads and Windows Phones that include basic and complex applications, utility mobile applications, games, cross-platform mobile applications and more. It also offers technology solutions of JavaScript, HTML, PHP and Android for development over multi-OS platforms.

Eoos India also allows businesses to increase their product popularity through Mobile Apps promotion and social networking through popular channels such as Facebook and Twitter.

Mobile Application Development Services


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Web Application


We understand the power of the Internet, and tailor-make dynamic web application, aesthetic website designs and sit-up- and-take- notice web promotions that help take your business places.

We provide web services to corporate small and medium businesses, non-profit organizations, and even individuals who want their own personal website.

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