Testing & QA

Whether a software or systems vendor is building a new version of software or introducing a minor software patch or an IT organization implementing a new software application to solve a complex business problem or integrating legacy systems with an application built on a state-of- the-art platform,testing the software from different angles such as functionality, usability, sustainability, availability,

scalability and security becomes a major challenge. In some cases testing is conducted as a planned activity, while in some other it becomes an expensive after-thought.

Eoos India brings helping software teams ensure their products, systems, application, and platforms behave as per the specifications and remain tightly integrated, secure, and compliant. In this, we have developed extensive testing capabilities for various verticals, across platforms, and applications. Our experience in working with commercial tools that are popularly used in software testing and quality assurance services has resulted in higher overall end-user satisfaction for our clients.

Manual Testing

At Eoos India, we offer manual testing as a service to achieve a company’s quality engineering & Quality assurance needs.

Automated Testing

With rapidly changing business environments automated test execution can be valuable enabler..

Mobile testing

The mobile environment consists of a plethora of devices with diverse hardware/software configurations and communication intricacies, adding more efforts to the testing needs..

Cloud Testing

Eoos India understand that cloud testing has additional dimensions as compared to traditional testing cycles.

Performance Engineering

Eoos India’s Performance engineering team helps organization scale their application by identifying performance bottleneck’s and tuning.